1-1880's adobe

I get asked this on occasion, and not that it isn’t self-evident, but here are a few of the reasons i think are important.   historic homes were built to last.  they may need a little updating when it comes to modern amenities (and modern code), but bottom line is… ADOBE.  BRICK.  STONE.   all of these materials were used in a built-to-last way.  they are very expensive materials, and once stick & stucco came along, cheaper and bigger homes (the mcmansions if you will), became the rage.    ask a custom builder to give you a cost breakdown wherein he calculates your figures for a new custom home using RAMMED EARTH, or BRICK, or modern ADOBE… versus your final price if he builds for you with wood frame and stucco.   only the wealthy can afford to go with masonry?  not so.  the difference in price is stunning, but once you overcome your sticker shock and think it through… will you be building a home your grandkids can inherit from you, or something that will have returned to dust in the desert in 30 years?     and we now have some very interesting new materials, RECYCLED and SUSTAINABLE materials… ask your builder about those.  RASTRA, ICFs, STRAW BALE… okay, straw bale is as old as the earth, but it’s green and considered “alternative” so i’m putting it alongside your ICF blocks.  :)   if you can afford to build new, and can’t find a single gorgeous vintage home that speaks to you, please do have conversations with builders about the benefits of real materials.  sturdy old-school building materials, maybe to leave something that will last a hundred years or two…18-IMG_3839 when you have returned to desert dust.